Yasmin Bauer

Instruments: Piano, Electric Bass

Styles: Classical, Tango, Jazz, Blues, Gospel, Rock, Pop, Rock

Ages: Piano  7+, Bass  10+

Specialties: Strong technical and theoretical development; Growth of expression through technique; Lessons are planned so Technique, Theory, Sight reading and repertoire are covered in every lesson for students at every level.

Yasmin received her music training in classical piano and theory in Connecticut with Sr. Mary Cecile Amore, and jazz theory and mellophone/French horn with be-bop saxophonist John Mastroianni.  At the University of Bridgeport, she studied jazz piano with Noreen Grey, and jazz history with the late Bill Finegan- big-band leader and acclaimed arranger for Tommy Dorsey and Glenn Miller.

She enjoys playing classical, romantic, tango, rock, and pop music and has played keyboards and bass guitar professionally.  While living in California, she enjoyed a bit of commercial recognition when invited by a well known Bay Area band (“Foxboro Hot Tubs” a.k.a. “Green Day”) to open for them at The Roxy and a handful of other prominent west coast venues.


  • Music notation, chord study, major & minor keys/scales, modes, harmonic structure.
  • Reading tablature and lead sheets.
  • Classical training, for those so inclined!


Piano Instructor from Sep 1987 – Jun 1995 Professional Music Center, Fairfield Connecticut and from October 2011 through present by private appointment, in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Piano, music theory, and bass instruction offered to students at the beginner, intermediate, and early advanced levels.

English and Spanish (Yasmin is of Argentinean descent.)
May 1990 University of Bridgeport, Connecticut
B.A. World History and Literature, Minor in Music History and Performance- Piano and French horn

Expect this to be fun!

Lessons are customized to suit the student’s individual taste and goals.    No matter the style of music, students are introduced to basic music theory, notation, and proper playing technique to enable them to play fun, simple melodies from the first lesson.

Yasmin shows her students how to practice effectively so that their practice time alone is productive.  The student who can devote some time to practice every week will see results.   The student who practices piano daily may exceed his or her expectations!

Payment for tuition and any materials is due on the first lesson of the month. Cancellations made at least a day in advance are eligible for a make-up lesson.

$35.00   half-hour lesson
$45.00   45 minute lesson
$60.00   1 hour lesson

10 half-hour lessons for $325
10 forty-five min. lessons for $400