Instruments: Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Bass

Ages: 10+

Beginner on through to advanced-intermediate.

Styles: jazz, blues, rock, country, singer/songwriter and Americana

Sid Gasner is an electric bassist (both fretless and fretted) and guitarist (electric and acoustic) and teacher who has performed and recorded in various popular genres: jazz, blues, rock, country, singer/songwriter and Americana. He currently records and performs as a bassist/guitarist with Smithsonian Folkways artist and activist, Larry Long and as a bassist for producer/MCA recording artist, Melvin James.

Whether an individual student wants to learn how to simply accompany themselves on the instrument or they have set loftier performance or professional goals for themselves, I believe that every student-musician is unique and deserving of utmost respect and an engaged teacher-student interaction. Learning to play the guitar or bass can be very simple, obvious and rewarding. At the same time, playing these instruments can prove to be exceedingly complex, subtle and often frustrating. Playing the guitar or bass can be a short stroll around the block or a life long journey to unknown destinations. Each student decides for themselves which of these paths they will take.


Lesson Fee’s
$25 -30 min (Beginning guitar students only with instructor approval…)
$40 – 60 min

Payment/Cancellation Policy
All lessons will be one hour in duration. This includes time getting settled and departing. The fee will be $40 for all guitar and bass students. This fee is to be paid at each lesson. The fee is to be paid in cash or through CVMA payment portal.  Lessons may also be paid in advance to instructor or through CVMA payment portal.  Beginning guitar students may request a reduced fee of $25 for a 1/2 hour lesson (this to be made by arrangement and permission of instructor.) The reduced fee and lesson time will be reviewed periodically by instructor and student (or student’s parent/guardian.)

Each student will be given instructor’s cell phone number and must cancel any scheduled lesson by text or phone call at least 25 hours prior to the scheduled lesson (this is so studio space can be freed for other students or instructors.) Failure to notify instructor as required will result in student owing a $10 studio and administration fee to be paid at time of next lesson. Instructor will provide a 30 day notice to student regarding any proposed changes in fees

Sid is available at our Raymond location.

Please reach out to Sid to schedule a lesson.

  • I owe much of what I am as a musician today to what I learned from Sid Gasner when I was a wide-eyed teenager. Sid taught me how to turn a collection of notes into a groove and how to turn that groove into a bass part that tells the story. He taught me how to express myself through theme and variation to keep me playing interesting. Most importantly he taught me that music is a conversation and in that conversation, it is as important to listen as it is to speak. All concepts that I have used every day of my musical life. In those lessons, Sid turned me from a kid who played the bass into a bass player. I have been fortunate to have had a pretty nice career with my bass. To this
    day when asked to list my influences as a bass player, it reads as follows... Sid Gasner, James Jamerson, Duck Dunn, and Jaco Pastorious... In that order!

  • Sid is an exceptional teacher of music. When I took lessons from Sid, I was already an accomplished musician. Sid helped hone my technique by improving my pocket presence as well as advanced chord theory techniques through the use of modes and arpeggios. Sid’s passion for music makes him an excellent choice for any student’s musical journey.

  • The first time I saw Sid Gasner play bass I was flabbergasted. His tone, phrasing, musical ability left a lasting impression on me. I had been playing professionally for a couple of years at that time but had reached a plateau, kind of a pentatonic rut. When I found out Sid gave lessons I decided this might be what I need. His teaching style was innovative, able to get the point across without getting bogged down in theory. We worked on navigating the whole fretboard, grooves, and how to get a great tone. Also how to interact with other players and work off them. I feel Sid gave me a great foundation and the confidence to handle any music performance.

  • It was fabulous having Sid Gasner as a guitar teacher. He was patient and encouraging. Of course, there were times as a kid that I didn’t want to practice and came a bit unprepared, but he always took the positive road and
    instead of pointing out the things I didn’t do, he pointed to how far I had come. This helped me to find the discipline to practice. The songs that he taught me I still know today. While I may have not ended up being a professional
    musician, I did end up with a life long friend and mentor. His positive attitude and happy go lucky smile helped to encourage my life long love of playing and listening to music. I couldn’t have found a better teacher.