Ivan Cunningham: Saxophone Instructor

Ivan Cunningham

Ivan Cunningham Saxophone Teacher

Instruments: Saxophone

Styles: Jazz, Classical, Contemporary, Pop, Funk

Ages: 8+

Specialties: Composition, Improvisation, Aural skills

Ivan Cunningham has been an active member of the Twin Cities music scene since high school. During a four-year stint at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire where in 2021 he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Music, he remained involved with his Minneapolis/Saint Paul roots while also connecting with musicians in Wisconsin. Alongside leading ensembles as composer/bandleader, he has performed and recorded with numerous artists and groups such as Freaque, Black Market Brass, Charlie Lincoln, and Nicholas Christenson. While the bulk of his foundational training is in jazz improvisation and composition, Ivan has found inspiration in a very wide selection of music from all over the world, especially traditions that incorporate improvisation.

Ivan is a strong believer that everyone is entitled to their own musical voice, no matter how far along they are on their journey. He believes that instruction should be based around the interests and goals of the student, and that the teacher is there mostly to point the student in the right direction. After every lesson, Ivan gives his students a goal to achieve for the next lesson, always emphasizing quality over quantity when it comes to practice. He believes strongly that listening is as important as practicing and encourages students of all ages to be avid listeners.

Single Lessons:
30 min. – $40
45 min. – $54
60 min. – $70

Studio Policies:
Payment must be made in advance or at the time of the lesson.

Lessons cancelled for non-emergency situations less than 24 hours in advance will be billed. Make-up lessons can be arranged.

Wednesdays – 4:00 pm to 10:00 pm
Thursday through Saturday – Any time
Exceptions can be made for makeup lessons.

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