Recording Opportunities

  • Full Service Recording
  • Recording Demos
  • Song Demos
  • Professional EP’s for Release
  • Professional Full CD’s for Release
  • Audition Audio and/or Video Recordings
  • Vocal Coaching & Production
  • Simple or Full Production
  • Video Concepts & Direction
  • Career Guidance & Mentorship
  • Songwriting & Arranging Guidance
  • Recording Arrangements

When it's Time to Record

  • There are many reasons to make a professional recording of one’s work, and when it’s time to record, CVMA offers the appropriate format for each artist.
  • The recording medium requires a unique set of skills apart from any other performance medium. Working in professional studios with talented musicians, producers and engineers can challenge and enhance many different aspects of one’s skill sets and result in a product that can support an artist’s connection to their work, to their audiences and open future opportunities.
  • At CVMA, preparing for and achieving the studio experience encourages commitment to the details of one’s work, and the skills gained in the recording process early in one’s development, can help a young artist grow into their artistic message and depth of expression.
  • CVMA Director, Diana Grasselli is primary producer for our recording projects, bringing to the process, decades of recording experience on both sides of the glass. She nurtures artists in areas that need attention – e.g.: songwriting guidance; vocal styling and technique; project concept; and career direction. 
  • Stay tuned for recording examples which will be posted shortly. In the meantime, please reach out to us for more information at: