Who We Are

Our Mission

Chanson Voice & Music Academy is committed to providing personalized, inclusive, quality education in the vocal and instrumental music arts, based on a strong foundation of good technique and thoughtful artistic direction, and in the recognition that anyone possessing the desire, can experience the joy and benefit of realizing their musical potentials – for joy, for love, for personal growth, for community, and for peace.

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Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion:



We stand with our community members in support of equality, dignity, opportunity and justice for Black, Indigenous and People of Color. We have zero tolerance for racism or injustice of any kind and will continue to support reform to the policies and practices which specifically impact our African American community members. We believe that BLACK LIVES MATTER and our values, policies, and practices will always embrace these principals.
We are a cooperative educational and music performance resource where teachers, students, community professionals and amateurs find enriching opportunities for study, employment, partnership and creative exploration. Offering an exciting program of classes, workshops, ensembles, concerts, events, scholarships, mentorships and outreach programming and by partnering with other community organizations, we strive to better the lives of all in our communities through the study and sharing of music - regardless of age, demographic, style or means.
While promoting the many benefits of music as it pertains to physical, emotional, social and cognitive development in young people, and supporting its role in building and maintaining the health, happiness and strength of adults in our communities, we endeavor to provide diverse opportunities for all in order that we may all “find our voices” through the exploration of the instruments or classes of our choice.

A Community Music School for Everyone!

The First Voice-Focused School of Its Kind

For more than 20 years, Chanson Voice & Music Academy has served the Twin Cities’ music community by providing excellent training, career guidance and artistic mentorship to more than 10,000 students. The first voice-focused community music school of its kind, we endeavor to fulfill our mission of bettering the lives of all in our communities by offering a robust program of classes, ensembles, concerts, events and outreach programming.
With world-class instructors of the classical and contemporary vocal and instrumental musical arts, CVMA offers private and group lessons, classes in contemporary songwriting, classical composition, music theory, ear training, and group workshops, including Diana Grasselli’s The Vertical Voice® Vocal Training Method.
Attracting some of the region’s best musical talent, we are a cooperative educational and music performance resource where teachers, students and community professionals and amateurs of all styles, levels and backgrounds, find exciting and enriching opportunities for study, employment, partnership and creative exploration.
We have the good fortune to enjoy Fiscal Sponsorship by Springboard for the Arts and therefore we can apply for and accept tax-deductible grants and donations from generous public and private donors to help support the wonderful classes and programs we offer our communities.

“The community that sings/plays together…”, as they say.