Performing & Recording Opportunities at CVMA

Music is an Artform to be Shared

Since the beginning of human existence, people in all parts of the world have discovered wonderful ways to express themselves through the creation of music through their voices, bodies, implements and musical instruments of all kinds. These expressions were created from the need to share and communicate the many experiences of life with and for one another, and we have seen a tremendous development in musical sophistication and skill over the millennia of human existence. We now have so many different forms of music to explore, enjoy and share.

We are now blessed with bountiful opportunities to experience live music in performance venues and natural gathering places. Added to this, technological development allows us to experience music performances through the magic of recording media and techniques that can capture the beautiful essence of an artist’s work for anyone, anywhere to enjoy for as long as the ever-changing recording and sharing media can support.

Here at CVMA, We Provide Opportunities!

For Performing and Recording..

  …So that students are challenged to achieve higher levels of skill and confidence in their musicianship, to build careers and/or to enhance community participation in their work.

Please visit our Performing Opportunities and Recording Opportunities pages for more information on upcoming and ongoing ways in which Music as a Performance Art can be experienced at CVMA.