Audition & Performance Preparation: Be Ready!

"Luck is when preparation meets opportunity."

"Success comes to those who do what others fear."

"The only auditions you will definitely fail, are those you don't attempt." "If it were easy, everyone would do it." "If you're not getting 10 rejections a week, you're not working hard enough."
Whether you are getting ready to audition for or perform in the school play, a local rock band, the latest television competition, a national orchestra, theater or opera company, or are heading off to tour colleges or the country, our experienced coaches and instructors can get you ready for what's to come!
There are many specific skills needed for every type of audition, performance or competition and it is the smart thing to do to work with someone in the know who can help bring out the best you have to offer in any performance situation, and who can take the guesswork out of this challenging endeavor.

Most performances, auditions and competitions take months to prepare for, so don’t wait!
 Gain the edge you need to succeed!
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