Paul Kinkade
Piano, Guitar, Trumpet Instructor

Instruments: Piano, Guitar, Trumpet
Styles: Jazz, Contemporary, Classical
Ages: All ages
Specialties: Improvisation, composition, and music theory

Paul Kinkade has performed in symphony orchestras, rock bands, jazz combos, brass quintets, and electronic music recordings, and continues to perform his piano music is small venues in Minneapolis. The piano is his home instrument, and he has been playing it since he was in preschool. Though he has strong classical training, his music has always been contemporary, with an emphasis on jazz in recent years.

He brings a deep understanding of music theory to his teaching and believes in the power of transcription and aural learning. He helps students build precise finger control that enables them to express their own personal sound. He is a composer, improviser, and musical thinker. Paul is also a committed meditator and seeks ways to infuse his meditation practice into his music.

Rates for weekly lessons:
30min: $100/month
45min: $140/month
60min: $180/month

Payment will be due in advance at the beginning of every month.

Cancellation Policy:
If you cancel a lesson with at least 24hrs notice, we can reschedule or roll over the cost into the next month.

Paul is available at our Semple location:
Sunday – 5:30pm-10:00
Monday – 12:00pm-8:00pm
Tuesday – 5:30pm-10:00
Wednesday – 5:30pm-10:00

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