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  • May 4, 2019 – Singing for Chameleon Theatre Circle Fundraiser at the Playwrights Center

  • May 10-11, 2019 – The Lab Theatre as a visual artist/singer in Rathaus Production’s “Cabarave

66 - Talkin Bout My Generation


MON MAY 13th • 7 PM

Dakota Jazz Club & Restaurant
with Dean Magraw and Gary Raynor

’66 – Talkin ‘Bout My Generation is a musical journey through the cultural, social and political events of the year 1966. Written and performed by vocalists Diana Grasselli, Bradley Greenwald and Prudence Johnson and pianist Dan Chouinard, they will be joined by guitarist Dean Magraw and bassist Gary Raynor. Each year, Chronofon presents an artful reimagining of a significant musical and cultural occurrence on the national and world stage. ’66 is being remounted on the Dakota stage to remember and celebrate the explosive mid-1960’s and their impact on our perceptions and social fabrics of the day, then and now.

Art Design by Karen McCall

MAY 25th – Scott Keever – solo guitar at the Veranda (St. Cloud)
Hosted by Scott Keever – Composer/Musician and Veranda Lounge