Music is Necessary – Scott Keever

Music is Necessary

Hey everyone – I’m a bit late in getting my Music Newsletter out to you all, but Holy Hannah, those of us in the U.S. have just experienced something that is completely unprecedented. And if you’re like me, you’re probably still a bit in shock. Which is why I think music is so important right now. It’s in a time like this where we need to have something to help us reflect, help us remember who we are, and help us stay sane in the midst of chaos, socially and personally. And Music can certainly do that.

Which is why I take my job as a music performer and composer seriously. These monthly online shows aren’t just for me. They are for you. The Audience. Without whom, I’d just be playing to an empty room (or in the current case, a lonely camera). I have Chat available during my YouTube concerts for a reason – so we can all feel like we’re part of a community. And right now, we need community more than ever.

Below is the link for my YouTube channel. I’ll be performing another Solo Online Concert this coming Saturday January 16th at 6:30PM. It’ll be an hour show this time, with new selections from Tom Waits and The Jayhawks. And I will later be joined by the lovely Natalie Nowytski for a couple new songs, including a special Ukrainian carol. Please join us.

There are many other local Twin Cities performers who are also producing live online performances and music videos during this time as well. Below are just a few that I truly recommend checking out. They are also helping to create and build community and I’m so proud to know them.

Liz Draper – bassist (OBI, Charlie Parr, Okie Dokie Brothers) 
With Charlie Parr:

Liz also hosts a weekly Thursday music series “Music: The Gathering” on her Facebook profile.
(this is from the most recent event:

Daniel Volovets – guitarist/composer
“Oh, Mother, I Have A Headache (Ах Ты, Матушка, Голова Болит)” – Mikhail Vysotsky

“A Meadow by the Sea” – Daniel Volovets

Dakota Dave Hull – Internationally known fingerpicking guitarist
Dave has three 15 minute live shows a week on his Facebook page:

Ben Abrahamson – guitarist/composer
Ben is a flamenco-trained guitarist who is combining acoustic and electronic sounds.

Please enjoy! And Please Be safe Everyone!