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Lyrebird Choirs

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What are Lyrebird Choirs?

Lyrebird Choirs offer essential opportunities to people of all ages, levels and singing styles to enjoy singing together! Since the beginning of time and in nearly every society around the world, group singing has been shared by nearly everyone. At CVMA, we support the idea that the community that sings together, stays together, and we do all we can to support this mission in all we do!
Choral or group singing fosters personal expression, social connection, collaborative learning, listening and the importance of feeling like we are a part of something bigger than ourselves. While exploring our voices together in safe, fun and nurturing musical settings, people of all ages often experience an improved sense of self and well-being in the world and often feel that “finding their voices” together improves their qualities of life in many tangible ways.

What is a Lyrebird?

The lyrebird is the largest singing bird in the world and possesses an astonishing repertoire of songs. The male lyrebird combines its own songs with an extraordinary array of other natural and artificial sounds from its environment to create a cacophony of complex sounds in an effort to attract a female. It is believed that up to 80% of its songs are cut and pastes of sounds from it environment. Its mimicry is so accurate, in fact, that it can even fool the animal that it is imitating. Some of the sounds it may make may include a superb rendition of a Kookaburra’s call, other bird songs, the sound of chainsaws, camera shutters, car alarms and ringtones, car engines, crying babies and even human voices.
During the breeding season, the male lyrebird busies himself by first building a stage from which to sing his love songs. He clears a patch on the forest floor and builds a small mound on which to stand so he can be better seen and heard by possible mates. He then spreads out his magnificent lyre-shaped tail feathers and displays them over his head as he sings and and dances to his own tunes.