Park Evans: Guitar, Electric bass, and Ukulele Instructor

Park Evans

Guitar & Electric Bass Lessons
Online Only

Matt Hannah: Guitar & Songwriting

Matt Hannah

Guitar & Songwriting Lessons

Scott Keever: Guitar, Piano, Bass Guitar, Mandolin, Ukulele Instructor

Scott Keever

Guitar & Bass Guitar Lessons
Not Accepting New Students

Paul Kinkade: Piano, Guitar, Trumpet Instructor

Paul Kinkade

Guitar & Piano Lessons
Not Accepting New Students

Tom McNellis: Guitar & Banjo Instructor

Tom McNellis

Guitar & Banjo ​Lessons

Karen Mueller: Guitar, Mandolin, Ukulele, Irish Bouzouki, Dulcimer, Autoharp Instructor

Karen Mueller

Guitar & Mandolin ​Lessons
Online Only

David Stoddard: Guitar, Piano, Songwriting, Music Production Instructor

David Stoddard

Guitar & Piano Lessons

Guitar Lessons for All Ages, Styles and Levels!

Acoustic, Electric, Classical, Electric Bass

Rock, Jazz, Blues, Classical, Folk, Pop, Latin, Celtic, Bluegrass

Strumming, Finger Picking, Soloing, Theory, Improvisation, Composition

Ensembles, Classes & Performance Opportunities

Guitar studies at CVMA offer aspiring guitarists a variety of approaches to learn with. Our guitar instructors are talented, experienced musicians, writers, performers and teachers, who bring a wealth of creativity, skill and enthusiasm to their work!

With the philosophy that music should be joyful and fun,

the guitar department at CVMA is a great place for interested students to begin or continue the study of their instruments, songwriting, theory and many genres of playing from classical and jazz to blues, rock and country.

Have a look at the profiles of each of our guitar instructors and contact them directly to arrange a lesson!