David Stoddard: Guitar, Piano, Songwriting, Music Production Instructor

  • David Stoddard

David Stoddard

David Stoddard

Instruments: Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Piano, Bass, Ukulele

Styles: Rock, Blues, Pop, Jazz, Improvisation, Composition and Music Theory, Songwriting

Ages: 6+

Specialties: Songwriting, Composition

David Stoddard has taught music for over 25 years and works with students of any age or ability level. He holds a master’s degree in Music Education from North Dakota State University, where he studied piano with Andrew Froelich and has taught both in classrooms and in private studios. He is the winner of several songwriting awards, including the prestigious Kerrville (TX) New Folk Award. He also has many years’ experience in theater as both a Musical Director and show/rehearsal accompanist. In addition to teaching, he tours throughout the US and Canada. In his spare time, he enjoys being in the north woods, visiting the Great Lakes, or watching football on TV.

Studies have shown that for most individual students, a love for music is born in a single, life-changing instance of clarity. Hopefully, as educators, we never lose sight of that moment when we heard the particular voice or instrument that first stirred passion in us. Furthermore, we should understand that each of our students has had a similar experience. In this, we are all part of a larger, collegial musical community.

As educators, we bear the responsibility of guiding each student along the path that we ourselves took, starting at our own defining moment. Each student will necessarily take their own route, and it is our duty to afford them the opportunities to experience growth on their own terms and to continually learn from them ourselves.

Single lessons:
30 min. – $30
60 min. – $60

24-hour notice is requested for cancellations, and rescheduled lessons are available if the 24-hour policy is observed. Sickness is, of course, unavoidable, and I’ll do everything in my power to accommodate. I will also give as much notice as possible if I will be performing and unavailable to teach.

Mornings, Sunday – Thursday

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