Gift Certificates

CVMA Gift Certificates

Any time of year is a good time to give the gift of music to friends, family and loved ones!

Have you ever noticed that no one ever regrets
learning to sing or to play an instrument,
but sooner or later,
EVERYONE regrets NOT having done so!?
Let's do our part to limit the regrets of those we love!
No matter their age or abilities,
music is for everyone to enjoy!!

When you hear a friend or a loved say..
"I want voice lessons." ..or..
"I'd love to learn to play the piano".. or..
"I'd give anything to sing well!".. or..
"I really miss playing the guitar." .. or..
"I've always wanted to write songs."..

Take their cue and give them a gift that will last a lifetime!

Order your gift certificates now for those you love and care about!
YOU will never regret it!