What is a Drum Circle?

A drum circle is a group of people coming together to play drums of various types for the purpose of enjoyment, community, relaxation and expression. Not only are they a direct way to feeling and expressing joy, research shows that drumming in collective settings can reduce stress, increase well-being, stimulate the glandular system and the functions of the brain to increase intelligence and mental and physical agility. Drumming increases endorphins and serotonin levels and can increase self-confidence and social ease.
In addition to learning about the types of music and instruments participants are playing, drum circles can be a wonderful and safe way to meet new friends and share fun experiences with old ones. We encourage friends and family members to drum together and to bring along new members from their communities to share in this traditionally sacred activity.
Bring your hands, your hearts, your voices and your drums if you have them. Otherwise drums will be provided.

A Drum Circle and More!

  • This class is for anyone and everyone interested in learning about hand drums and having fun!
  • Learn basic terms, techniques, and rhythms
  • Understand how to keep time and solo in a group setting
  • Play on authentic instruments  (Afro Cuban, Latin, and Middle Eastern drums)
  • Feel confident in your ability to pick up a drum and play with others
  • JAM! Feel the groove!
  • Great prerequisite for private lessons

Next Drum Circle

8 Weeks on Sundays, 2-3p
September 22 – November 10th
Join anytime during the session with a prorated fee.
795 Raymond Avenue
St Paul MN 55114
Studio D
10 Seats available
Price: $160 for 8 Sessions (Payable by cash, check, Google Pay or Venmo)
10 Seat max is subject to change based on participant interest and number of drums available.
Instructor: Devin Tomczik

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Please email Devin at dmtomczik@gmail.com to arrange payment.
Payable by cash, check, Google Pay or Venmo.

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