Brad Richardson
Acoustic & Electric Guitar

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Brad Richardson

Instruments: Acoustic and Electric Guitars

Ages: 7+

Styles: Rock & Roll, Folk, Blues, Pop

Brad Richardson has been playing guitar since 1975. Heavily influenced by his father’s college students in the late 60’s, he bought The Beatles’ “Sgt. Pepper” when it was released and has witnessed first-hand the entirety of the evolution of rock and roll.

In college at Harvard, Brad majored in Folklore and Mythology, and with the cooperation of the Harvard Music Department, focused on American traditional music roots — blues, gospel, Appalachian bluegrass, country, as it all culminated in a form called rock and roll. Brad also attended the University of Arizona as a graduate Theater Director.

As a professional, aside from a decade-long stint as guitarist/song writer for the American band, Matinee Idol, Brad has worked largely as a theater artist, and in recent years, has been the Audio Engineer for a television production company, Magnetic Productions, editing, mixing, and sweetening hundreds of television shows.

Brad feels the beauty of playing guitar is in its range of expression and circumstance — from recording, to playing live with a band, solo or duo, to sitting at home alone singing favorite songs to suit a mood.

Brad is blessed with three children all of whom play multiple instruments, and when not busy playing, he spends most of his time cultivating the St. Louis Park Theater he and his wife co-founded, Maggie’s Farm Theater.

Many people take guitar lessons because of an affinity to popular music — rock & roll, pop, folk, country, blues — or quite simply, to acquire the skill to play the songs they enjoy listening to. Chances are, if a person is dedicated to learning music per se, they would seek out piano lessons instead as they are the best means of learning the language.

Brad divides his guitar lessons into two parts – learning music and learning the instrument. Firstly, it is important to satisfy the primary urge to play; getting hands on a fretboard and developing a facility for exploring up and down the neck, acquiring the skill to play music that previously has been but an appreciation thereof.

But Brad feels he would be remiss if he did not take the opportunity of a guitar lesson to teach the ability to understand music – reading the staff, terminology, the relationships between notes and chords, the theory behind musical choice-making.

Especially in an age in which learning a favorite tune on guitar is as easy as Googling the tabs and watching a how-to YouTube, insistence on creating a foundation for musical knowledge is as vital as teaching English in a world of texting. Not to knock texting; navigating popular trends, particularly on guitar, is crucial for enhancing passion.


$25/half hour lesson

$38/45-minute lesson

$50/one-hour lesson


Fees are collected at the top of each month.

Students are expected to practice every day they eat. Parents of younger students are expected to make sure they do. Learning music is not easy. Learning just how to squeeze steel strings along a piece of wood to create musical passages is even harder. Like many things, you can only expect to get out of it what you put into it. A half hour with me per week does not a musician make.

Students are expected to purchase appropriate books/learning materials.

Please allow 24 hours’ notice in case of a cancellation; I will make every effort to reschedule in that event. Otherwise, we’ll have to forego the paid-for lesson for the week. I also will adhere to this policy.