A Note from Devin on the Benefits of Drumming

West African Drums


This week I’d just like to make a quick note about how drumming can be positive in many non-musical ways. 

Although it may seem obvious to say that music brings people together, I’ve had the amazing opportunity to see this happen before my eyes, and it truly is something worth experiencing. This has happened mostly in drum circles and improvisation classes or groups. In these environments there is almost no way you can make mistakes, leading most down paths of exploration and acceptance of others.

Lucky for all of you, I’ll be hosting a drum circle class at Chanson Voice and Music Academy from September 22 through November 10th! As a part of this drum circle, I’ll also be teaching basic rhythms, technique, and terms; giving this class a leg up on the traditional drum circle. But rest assured, we will be jamming for the majority of the class!

There are many therapeutic, stress-relieving, and community building benefits to drumming and music in general. Follow the links below for some further reading. Enjoy!



CVMA Percussion Instructor