Our Mission

Chanson Voice & Music Academy is committed to providing personalized, inclusive, quality education in the vocal and instrumental music arts, based on a strong foundation of good technique and thoughtful artistic direction, and in the recognition that anyone possessing the desire, can experience the joy and benefit of realizing their musical potentials – for joy, for love, for personal growth, for community, and for peace.


Please Consider Supporting the CVMA Music Education (ME) Scholarship Fund
In honor and memory of CVMA Student and Friend Tatyana Schmid

The CVMA Music Education (ME) Scholarship Fund is being created in honor and memory of CVMA Student and Friend Tatyana Schmid and through the generous donations collected and distributed to us in her honor through Arts Evolution MN and Springboard for the Arts.

Tatyana was a world traveler, artist, photographer, writer, musician, athlete, and yogi who in her short life impacted the lives of sentient beings all over the world with her unwavering commitment to connect through art, music, kindness and cultural and spiritual exchange.

Mentored by CVMA Director, Diana Grasselli, since the age of 14, Tatyana achieved many levels of expression through her music, songwriting and sharing in her 28 years on earth. We were all profoundly saddened by her passing in a cycling accident on May 31, 2018, but out of her love for all things beautiful, Tatyana’s family has generously designated our organization as one of the influential supporters of her development and has offered to channel support to the CVMA ME Scholarship Fund through the Arts Evolution MN -Tatyana Schmid Memorial Scholarship Fund in order to further our efforts to provide music education to those our communities who would not ordinarily be able to prioritize musical development in their lives.

The CVMA Scholarship Fund offers support to individuals and groups who demonstrate merit and need and have access to funds through recommendation and application.

PLEASE consider giving generously so that all in our communities can experience the joy and connection of MUSICAL EXPRESSION!



 What We Offer

"After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible, is music." - Aldous Huxley

The Vertical Voice Vocal Training Method
Audio Series is designed for singers and voice professionals & hobbyists working in any style, genre and at any level of development.

Created by CVMA Director, Diana Grasselli,
The Vertical Voice Method was created to help vocalists strengthen, align, balance, beautify
and prolong the life of their instruments!

All CVMA students receive 10-30% off the spiral bound book and audio files!

For singers, voice pro's & hobbyists
Have the voice you've always wanted
Available in book or digital formats
Exercise scales for your voice type
Downloadable to all your devices
High quality audio voice samples
82-Track Audiobook
  • “A solid companion for any singer looking to improve and refine one’s instrument - a step by step “how to” with vocal exercises and techniques that make ‘in home’ and ‘on the road’ study now possible. Beautifully illustrated with easy to follow instructions and text, the Vertical Voice manual and audio component (designed by the very accomplished Diana Grasselli) is the ultimate ’must have’ tool for developing your voice to that next level; an ingeniously laid out roadmap that will help you segue from amateur singer to professionally trained vocalist over time."